Adena El-Amin is a recurring character on The Bold Type. She is portrayed by Nikohl Boosheri. She is a photographer who was featured in Scarlet magazine, which is how she met Kat Edison which soon developed into their relationship.


Adena is an out and proud Muslim lesbian artist and photographer from Iran, visiting New York City for her gallery debut.

She is approached by Scarlet magazine to run a spread on her provocative photography project, but later turns down the offer because of Scarlet being an "unfeminist magazine."

She is later convinced to allow the magazine to run the interview after befriending Kat, the magazine's Head of Social Media.


Adena is proud, passionate, and provocative. She is not shaken from her moral center or beliefs easily, which leaves her unapologetically herself, even when growing up. She is hardly found living by anyone else's rules and tends to follow her heart strongly.


Adena was in a relationship with girlfriend of three years, Coco. However, the relationship becomes rocky when Kat and Adena grow closer. Adena and Kat start off as friends, but after spending time together they both acknowledge their mutual feelings for one another.

Adena never quite had entirely-friendly intentions when speaking to Kat, and comes to the realization that she must break off her relationship with Coco, after sharing a kiss with Kat.

After Kat second guesses her relationship with Adena due to commitment issues, Adena decides to go back to Coco in France. 

Adena and Kat continued talking and decided to pursue their romantic relationship.  Adena decides to fly to New York.  Once in New York, customs does not allow Adena to enter the United States because she only had a one way ticket. 


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