Jane Sloan is a main character in the Freeform series The Bold Type. She is portrayed by Katie Stevens. Jane was a newly promoted writer for Scarlet Magazine who wrote about interesting angles on political issues. Before her promotion, she was an assistant at the magazine for three years.


Jane grew up in Colorado with her father and three brothers after her mother passed away battling breast cancer. This results in Jane trying to be "in control" of her life as much as possible, which proves difficult when she's given articles to write about things she isn't comfortable with, such as breast cancer, or experienced with, such as when she admitted she'd never had an orgasm.


Kat Edison and Sutton BradyEdit

Jane worked alongside her best friends at Scarlet for several years, until accepting a job offer at Incite magazine. They are extremely close and rely on eachother for support and happiness.

I’d hate it if you ever got sick — I mean you’re like fifty percent of my social life, what would I do? (jokingly)
Kat to Jane

Ryan DeckerEdit

Jane was sexually involved with Ryan for a few weeks after becoming interested in his articles at Pinstripe magazine. Ryan is the person who gives Jane her first orgasm after she admits she's never had one. She ultimately breaks it off with once she realizes he's not a one girl kind of guy.


  • Her favorite drink is vodka soda.
  • It's revealed in "Betsy", that Jane dislikes guns due to an incident involving the Columbine High School massacre when she was a child. Her Kindergarten teacher lost her daughter in the shooting and Jane threw away her favorite light up shoes, fearing that shooters might find her if an another shooting occurs.