Richard Hunter is a main character in The Bold Type. He is portrayed by Sam Page. Richard is an in-house attorney for the publishing company Steinem, which publishes Scarlet magazine.


Richard is a hot-shot lawyer for Steinem Publishing and Scarlet magazine board member, and takes his work very seriously. He is dedicated to his job and avoids doing anything risky that might jeopardize it, but finds himself conflicted when he catches very strong feelings for Sutton Brady.


Richard is close friends with Editor in Chief of Scarlet magazine, Jacqueline Carlyle. He also has a romantic relationship with the magazine's fashion assistant, Sutton Brady, which becomes more complicated than ever when all of Sutton's close friends discover their secret.

Sutton Brady and Richard call their relationship off in the season 2 premiere, Sutton worried about the repercussions of them going public and what it would do with her career. Later, Richard gets back together with his law school girlfriend. They broke up because of distance but are back together now. It is unclear if he has lasting feelings for Sutton, but he most likely does.


  • He brought Sutton a bag of breadsticks after she stood him up for a date.