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Season 1
Season 01 | Number of Episodes: 10
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Premiere Airdate July 11, 2017
Finale Airdate September 5, 2017
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Season 1 of The Bold Type consists of 10 episodes. The first episode aired July 11, 2017, as a special two-hour premiere, after an early viewing on June 20 of the first half of the pilot. The season finale aired on September 5, 2017.


Putting together a magazine is not an easy task, requiring a lot of teamwork to finish the job and get the publication on newsstand shelves. That's why the staffers responsible for producing global women's magazine Scarlet lean on one another as they try to find their own voices.

While working together to publish each issue of the periodical, they struggle to find their identities, manage friendships and find love. The drama series is inspired by the life of longtime magazine editor and executive Joanna Coles, who serves as an executive producer.


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# Image Title Writer(s) Director Airdate No. in series
1 101 Promotional (20).jpg Pilot Sarah Watson Gary Fleder July 11, 2017 1
Newly promoted writer Jane is unsettled when Jacqueline assigns her a big story – writing about why her ex broke up with her. Kat chases a story about outspoken photographer Adena, but is confused by her strong connection to the woman. Meanwhile, Sutton tries not to feel left behind by her best friends as she still toils in the assistant ranks. But she shocks them when they uncover a major secret Sutton has been keeping – her scandalous affair with lusted-after Scarlet magazine lawyer Richard.
2 102 Promotional (15).jpg O Hell No Sarah Watson Gary Fleder July 11, 2017 2
Jane is assigned to write a "best orgasm" article for Scarlet's sex column, but doesn't know where to start since she's never had one before. Kat finds herself questioning her identity as she continues to spend time with Adena. And Sutton is given an opportunity to advance at Scarlet, but questions if it’s what she really wants to be doing with her life.
3 103 Promo (18).jpg The Woman Behind The Clothes Sarah Watson; Justin W. Lo Tara Nicole Weyr July 18, 2017 3
Kat finds herself the victim of internet trolling when she stands up for gender inequality. Sutton thinks she may have found her dream job but worries she doesn’t have what it takes to make it work. And Jane pursues a story about a congresswoman but tries to find a different angle to make her voice heard.
4 104 Promo (3).jpg If You Can't Do It with Feeling Sarah Watson; Wendy Straker Hauser Anna Mastro July 25, 2017 4
Jane is asked to speak at a journalism conference, while Sutton finds herself caught in an accidental lie. Meanwhile, Kat's relationship with Adena gets complicated.
5 105 Promo (20).png No Feminism in the Champagne Room Sarah Watson; Lynn Sternberger Jamie Travis August 1, 2017 5
Jane is stunned when the subject of her latest article, a woman who left a finance job to become an exotic dancer, threatens to sue Scarlet – and Jane. Sutton is excited when she thinks she’s making a step forward in her career. Kat questions whether she is ready for a real relationship with anyone, especially in light of recent events with Adena.
6 106 Promo (1).jpg The Breast Issue Sarah Watson; Matt McGuinness Jamie Travis August 8, 2017 6
In promoting Scarlet’s breast health awareness campaign, Kat tries to be bold with her message, but is left wondering whether her competitive nature is hurting her cause. Jane confronts past issues and current anxieties when she is tasked with writing a controversial piece about BRCA gene testing. Sutton is determined to excel at her tasks at hand, but when things fall apart, it’s Alex who rushes to her rescue.
7 107 Promo (18).jpg Three Girls In A Tub Sarah Watson; Ian Deitchman; Kristin Robinson Jann Turner August 15, 2017 7
Richard is determined to get to know Sutton’s friends outside of the office and invites the girls to dinner, but things don’t quite go as planned. Sutton attempts to network with a new social circle by attending a high tea. While on a date with someone else, Jane comes to a realization about Pinstripe; and Jacqueline is forced to intervene when Kat’s new staffer keeps damaging Scarlet’s social media presence.
8 108 Promos (17).jpg The End of the Beginning Sarah Watson; Justin W. Lo; Wendy Straker Hauser Jann Turner August 22, 2017 8
As rumors of layoffs at Scarlet sweep through the office leaving everyone unsettled, Jane learns of a potential opportunity at a rival publication. Sutton is given a big fashion opportunity when a coworker buckles under pressure. Kat is tasked with organizing a “Readers Night” for Scarlet, but is distracted by thoughts of Adena – leading to a big decision. And Jane talks Sutton and Kat into joining her on a dating app.
9 109 Promo (15).jpg Before Tequila Sunrise Sarah Watson; Lynn Sternberger Jann Turner August 29, 2017 9
Jane, Sutton, Alex, Pinstripe and Jacqueline are all trapped in the Scarlet offices due to a massive traffic jam. Forced to spend time together, Jane reexamines her feelings for Pinstripe. Sutton makes a surprising move. And when she learns Adena is leaving New York, Kat makes an impulsive decision to go with her.
10 110 Promo (25).jpg Carry The Weight Sarah Watson Victor Nelli, Jr. September 5, 2017 10
Jane gets an eye-opening experience when she is tasked with writing a piece about a performance artist/activist who is speaking out about sexual assault. Kat is distracted by thoughts of Adena while trying to throw a memorable NY Fashion Week party for Scarlet; and Sutton gets into an awkward situation with Richard.