Sutton, hard-working and diligent, would win a gold medal if the competition was Manhattan's best assistant.
The Bold Type narrator

Sutton Brady is a main character in the Freeform series The Bold Type. She is portrayed by Meghann Fahy. Sutton started working at Scarlet magazine as a low-level assistant to Lauren Park for three years before moving to the Fashion Department to pursue her true passion, even if it meant taking a big risk.


Sutton grew up in a small town with her mother and not a lot of money, consequently making her a very practical, but hard worker. She went to business school at Penn State, but doesn't find that she is following her dreams just being an assistant at Scarlet, and therefore takes a leap of faith and decides to go for the Fashion Department, even though the pay would be much lower than a job in the Marketing Department, but ultimately ends up happily working as Oliver's assistant.


Sutton is best friends with Kat Edison and Jane Sloan. They each began working for Scarlet magazine as assistants before following different paths within the company.

Sutton is also involved in an on-off quiet romantic relationship with Richard Hunter, in-house lawyer/attorney for Steinem Publishing. They met on accident, as Sutton was meant to be going on a Tinder date. Instead, she blew off the date and ending up spending her time with Richard.

Their relationship becomes complicated as more people find out about their secret.

She later becomes close with another co-worker, Alex Crawford and they have a fling until he realizes she's still in love with Richard and lets her go. Sutton also realizes that she truly loves Richard but he moved on and it's now dating a new woman.

At the end of Season 2, in Paris, the pair reconnect, sharing a magical kiss.


  • She once dated a guy that would yell "Cubs win!" during sex.



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